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Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley

“Attraction/Aversion” is Kerry Howley’s award winning graduate collection, winning the Museum of Domestic Architecture’s Arthur Silver Award for graduate innovation and excellence. It is a material exploration of how people can feel seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously.

The necklaces are made of human hair, a familiar material that we take pride in. However once off of the body hair becomes an innate source of aversion. Kerry wanted to see if she could make discarded hair attractive again.

Through the familiar form of a necklace, and using patterns and symmetry that are instinctively pleasing, Kerry has created a delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction.


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  • Norah MacPhee via Facebook


  • Abigail Hermione Irwin via Facebook

    Looks too fragile for my taste, LOL.
    In Victorian times it was common to make jewellery from the hair of deceased loved ones; it was a way of remembering them. It’s extremely intricate work; if you aren’t told it’s human hair, you probably wouldn’t recognize it as such.

  • Julie Qiu via Facebook

    very, very disturbing.

  • Molly C. Corum via Facebook

    This is not a new craft. It was done in the Victorian Days. Not sure if it was done before that. First time I saw this was some 30 years ago at our local museum which has a lot of Victorian history. I agree a bit creepy.

  • Advantages Magazine via Facebook


  • Pandaface Stabbingworth III via Facebook

    creepily creative…

  • Dijana Djelosevic via Facebook


  • Valentine Ganseman via Facebook

    Beautiful work for sure until you realise it’s hair! :D CREEPY!

  • Toby Winspear via Facebook

    whoever made this probably has a lot of hair and a lot of time with nothing to do.

  • Steve Vu via Facebook


  • Maria Pizzey via Facebook

    Very clever…..the artist has achieved her brief……beautiful designs that are very pleasing to the eye but totally sickening when the medium is revealed. Hence attraction and aversion simultaneously.

  • Iyad Btaddini

    beautifully ugly!

  • Laura Boyle via Facebook

    Ewwwwww UGLY!

  • Nora McKenna Hurley via Facebook

    Pretty until you know what they’re made of, although human hair has been preserved in jewelry as a memento of a dead loved one before — but the hair is usually enclosed in something. Big difference. This has quasi-holocaust grossness about it, too.

  • Amanda Rae Bird via Facebook


  • Dess Sure via Facebook

    alot of black girls wear it as weaves all the time,so they wont mind wearing it as necklace,except that now,they will have more chances to spontaneously combust and go up in flames.

  • Leandra Peguero Luciano via Facebook


  • Roxana Gr via Facebook


  • Alexis Waltman Rupert via Facebook

    It looks like she has a hairy chest…..ewww.

  • Belinda Lewin via Facebook

    Love it!

  • Mamash Nehederet via Facebook


  • Francisco Javier Téllez Sánchez via Facebook


  •ærgaard/1347259578 Laila Kjærgaard via Facebook

    B.E.A. utiful….

  • Jordan Lacy-slater via Facebook

    Ive seen lots of jewelry made of human hair but the fact that this actually LOOKS like hair …ick.

  • Thitachai Mac via Facebook

    Really in between

  • Sofia Atiyat via Facebook

    itchy :(( but beautiful :))

  • Marie Gasper via Facebook

    I think I just smurfed in my mouth a little!

  • Renee Tyrcha via Facebook


  • Celia

    So pretty, but really kind of gross.

  • Scott Cummings via Facebook

    absolutely disgusting

  • Wendy Austin via Facebook

    Beautifully crafted, but I cant imagine ever wanting to wear it!

  • nerdfighter

    eww… gross! but original, I must admit ;)

Author:   Date posted: Jun 11th, 2012
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