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What it’s Really Like to be a Photographer

Photographer’s job is probably one of the most romanticized jobs today, but is the reality all that nice and attractive? Aiming to mock the most popular stereotypes and general misconceptions about the profession, the Shoppe Designs studio presents a series of sarcastic posters, called Shoppe Satire. The posters feature the answers that most photographers probably try to keep to themselves in order to avoid conflicts.

Whether you’re one of those who think that any photographer would love to just bring their camera to your wedding for fun, or if you’re a photographer yourself – these will definitely crack a smile! Does any of these situations sound familiar to you?


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  • Angelo Bischoff via Facebook

    I can’t read this sign… ;-)

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Angelo Bischoff it’s probably because staring at the computer made your eyesight go from F11 to F1.8 :) Click on the link!

  • Matt Langley via Facebook

    Greg Dries

  • Melvyn Walker via Facebook

    I love it when people say “You take really great photos. I must get myself a decent camera.” They always fail to realise that the camera is just the start, after that you need OCD, paranoia, constant self doubt, a big bag to carry all the gear around in and a responsible adult to say “no” every time you see something shiny with F1.4 embossed in it.

  • Heather Lauren via Facebook

    For Amy Marie Churchman and Melanie Rose Prince

  • Amy Marie Churchman via Facebook

    Love the watermark one at the end in particular ;)

  • Mai Nguyen via Facebook

    Jen, I thought of you!

  • Holger Grafen

    You forgot one I hear nearly every day: Hey, you are shooting those pictures anyway – can we use them for free? We will mention your name!

    • Arnold Palmer

      Super annoying? what about if I got a dollar every time a photographer asked me to shoot my property for free , use it or even sell it then and make me wait months for my copy of it?

  • Charlotte

    Tee hee, I want some for Wedding dress makers too! :)

  • Joaquin

    Or this one: Pay $ 100 for a picture depicting your car/bike/airplane in an attractive environment since its my property. Although its depicting your property. Which I wasn’t given permission to shoot in the first place. And publish on my website.

  • Ikou Kaisho

    As a photolab worker/owner i can relate a lot to all of this. You in the U.S. are great and lucky that most of your photographers are educated and cultural. Most of my clients have big-bum cameras but know nothing of what they are using. Some of my clients are old men (event photographers +60 years old, with education equal or less than elementary school, i’m serious) that use 35mm cameras now, because they trashed 3 digital cameras. “Each time they fall to the ground, they get broken so easily. New technology is so flimsy and weak”. Money can buy great technology but not always apreciation for it.

  • Himanshu Anizwal

    so true! but specially CAN I HAVE ALL THE RAW FILES? PLEEEEASSSE ….its like.. when the client says “i don’t have a budget for the shoot..” my eyes wides up at 1.8.. :D

  • Neil Jones

    They all pretty much sum up most of my days and conversations. ha ha. Love it!!