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20 Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun

As wonderful and important as children are, raising them can be a whole lot of work. From changing your babies’ diapers and dealing with their childish tantrums to keeping your teens out of trouble and… dealing with their childish tantrums, parenting can take a toll on parents.

Fortunately, the internet has come up with a bunch of tips, tricks and life hacks to help make mommies’ and daddies’ lives a little bit easier. These aren’t just quirky gimmicks – some of these seem like really innovative ways to either make parents’ tasks more efficient or to teach your kids important lessons, like saving energy, sharing and listening to others. An astronaut duvet can make our kids excited about going to bed while Forget-me-not Kid Mittens will give your kid a cute and cozy way to hold your hand in a crowd.

Everybody’s probably got some kind of great parenting tip – either something that worked with their kids or something that worked on them. If you’ve got one, share it with us! If not, which of these would you like to try?

1. Get a Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

Image credits: pixstudio

2. Use a Rope To Swing Your Kid While Having a Beer

Image credits:

3. Make This Table Hammock With A Bedsheet

Image credits:

4. Use An Old Box to Make Them A Cardboard Slide

Image credits:

5. Use A Fan To Inflate Your Children’s Bed Fort

Image credits:

6. Make Your Kids Get Along with a Get-Along Shirt

Image credits:

7. Stop Losing Your Kid with Forget-me-not Kid Mittens

Image credits:

8. Keep Your Baby’s Eyes Safe And Dry with a Baby Shower Cap

Available at:

9. Play Videogames Together With Them And Their Disconnected Controllers

Image credits:

10. Use These Cute Outfits to Help Others Tell Your Twins Apart (Or For You, But Don’t Tell Anyone)

Image credits:

11. Make Your Infant Clean The House with A Baby Mop Suit

Image credits:

12. Use These Animals So They Don’t Forget To Brush Their Teeth

Available at:

13. Use This Knight’s Helmet to Help Them Keep Warm

Image credits: cutecraftycrochet

14. Get Your Children To Bed With This Astronaut Duvet

Available at:

15. Use Socks To Keep The Toilet Seat Warm

Image credits: life hacks

16. Give Them This To Help Them Battle Scary Monsters At Night

Image credits:

17. Use a Muffin Cup To Protect Them From Melted Icecream

Image credits: life hacks

18. Teach Your Children To Save Power With These Eco-Reminder Stickers

Image credits: Hu2

19. Wear This Jacket to Teach Them a Lesson

Image credits:

20. Use a Vacuum To Tie Your Daughter’s Hair

Image credits: life hacks

How about you? What parenting tricks do you know?

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  • Oğuzhan Altundaş

    bari bi boka yarasın dimi?

  • When on Earth

    Drinking lots of wine after they go to bed.

  • Lina Bariani

    “Stop Losing Your Kid with Forget-me-not Kid Mittens” Hmm…

    • Kathy Isaacs

      Hmmm indeed. Because they wouldn’t ever try to take their hand out.

  • Mary Swan Lamar

    Krista Lamar

  • Mary Kane

    the best panda boring post I have ever seen…so multigenerational (I, for instance, at 65 would really like a variation of the shaggykneed pajamas to garden in, my knee caps would be so happy with one!)

  • Andrea Varga

    The monster spray is the best :)

  • Anna

    love the cardboard box slide, bed sheet hammock and the monster spray. Definitely would like to try those with my girl

  • Sheyda Nozary

    Az AdEh might be interesting for you

  • Shahzadi Khan-Kjenner

    good idea

  • Mária Grenčíková

    Love #8 and #18 is something for you Soňa :)

  • Ted Samson

    Not having kids. ZING!

    • Danielle Brody

      my sister says there is a good article in time about people choosing not to have kids.. i still haven’t read it.. we have piles of them.. and i spend so muchtime on facebook.. i forget to read ..

      • os

        piles of kids? :P

        • Captain Planet

          Yes, piles of kids, stupid.

  • Stefánia Csordás

    Edina Pataki egy kis olvasnivalo a finishben :)

  • James Patrik

    Hello..Im a rug!

  • James Patrik

    Hello..Im a rug!

  • James Patrik

    Hello..Im a rug!

  • Angélique Bookforest

    Jana Hundsdorff

  • Angélique Bookforest

    Jana Hundsdorff

  • Angélique Bookforest

    Jana Hundsdorff

  • Rafael Lerm

    Mateus Coswig, Jonas Tessmann Mülling

  • Michelle Dianne

    Michael Morales

  • YellowFellow

    Some of this is Bad Parenting 101.

  • Ler

    i can not accept the vacuum tie hair method. It will hurt the hair scalp

  • Ler

    i can not accept the vacuum tie hair method. It will hurt the hair scalp

    • Almariel

      Not to mention the inside of a vacuum cleaner is anything BUT clean!

      • Melissa

        unless u only use it to vacuum her hair :D my vaccum has interchangeable parts, not that’d do that to my kid… :P

  • Ler

    i can not accept the vacuum tie hair method. It will hurt the hair scalp

  • Aleksandra Rabenda

    Kasia – pamiętaj że jak przyjadę to zrobię – “przegląd” Ninki ciuszków i jak znajdę tam coś takiego to oj oj ciężko Cię widzę – a w odpowiednim czasie – jak będziesz mieć 70 na karku – przekażę Nincę że mama pucowała nią podłogi :)

  • Adi

    How about a moblie chamber-pot for traveling?
    I use one and it is outstanding
    it also turns into a smaller toilet seat for hotels

  • Dek Hynes
  • Robert Strength

    The face punch.

  • Robert Strength

    The face punch.

  • Jackie France

    Love this xx

  • Mohamed Ghoneim

    Radwa Hafez

  • Akram Ghaleb Bekzada

    Capitalism has no limits … even crawling babies must have jobs

  • Elena Davidson

    Disconnected controllers

  • Grace

    the kids in the ‘get-along’ shirt look close to tears!!!