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Creative Eco-Reminder Stickers by Hu2
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Creative Eco-Reminder Stickers by Hu2

Hu2 Design creates probably the coolest Eco Reminders to be a quirky, decorative and eco-friendly way to remind you not to waste energy and switch off the light when you or your guests leave a room.

Loved by creatives, approved by eco-geeks, and made in the UK by a multi-award winning ethical business, these stickers is the easy way to decorate your light switches.

Hu2 Design wall stickers are made from a PVC-FREE self-adhesive which is a bio material, completely free of chlorine and plasticizers. It has the exact same specifications than a normal vinyl PVC based film, but eco-friendly !

All Hu2 Design stickers are designed to be applied to any smooth surface including walls windows & furniture. The vinyls are completely removable and leave no residue.


CO2 Factory

Oil Spill

Franklin’s Kite

Hamster Treadmill

Paper Windmills

Hamster Windmill


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