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25 Of The Worst Food Name Fails Ever

We’re pretty picky about how our food is packaged – choosing the wrong name, packaging color or logo can scare us away from a food product. You’d think that a food company would want to do some research to make sure that their food isn’t ridiculed or doesn’t seem repulsive, but judging by these food name fails, some of these guys don’t seem to have gotten that memo.

Some of these are translation fails – we can only hope that that Chinese food company isn’t selling shredded children. Others, like the British faggots in sauce, seem funny only because modern slang has re-appropriated their names. Some, like the Australian Gaytime ice cream, have even embraced their now-humorous names.

Everybody makes mistakes, so, if you ever see any of these foods, give them another shot. You won’t be a slut just because you eat Soup For Sluts. Heterosexual men need not fear the Homo Sausage – don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. And Ayds candies probably won’t make you sick (unless you eat way too many of them).

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What do you think?

  • ST

    Actually, Urinal is a tea/medicine for urinary system diseases, so maybe that would be acceptable?

  • Darek

    Goteborgs Rape is not food, it’s tobacco for chewing. Urinal is not food either, it’s a kind of medicine. The rest is OK.

    • Guest

      It’s not chewing tobacco, it’s snus. Big difference!

  • nightowl1324

    I took Ayds diet candy back in the early 1970′s to lose weight. It’s like a carmel that you chew a half hour before mealtime and then drink a cup of plain tea or coffee to curb your appetite, came in a couple of flavors, and it worked! I lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks using it, after I had gained weight from a bland diet after surgery. Strange thing is I was wondering just the other day if they still make that stuff as I need to take off a few pounds again due to inactivity from being ill.

  • Slevin

    I can’t stop laughing, some are so wrong on sooo many levels!!

  • trish

    The clue is that many of these names rival some things in America that are no where close to these products. Laugh, it’s funny.

    • Sarah Day

      I agree. It is funny. There is no need to go into the semantics of and entomology of the examples. Laugh!

  • eugene

    the master foods creamy white finishing sauce is classic because it isn’t from some foreign country where the grammar has just been misinterpreted or something, it is just a genuine complete fail of a product.

  • Martin Whitaker

    see the Colon Cremes everday here in 7/11 and have also posted a pic of them on my timeline, but i cant believe they missed semon…so heres an extra pick for all you bored pandas ;-)

  • Lilac

    “Megapussi” is not a product name: the word “pussi” is bag or pack or pouch in Finnish (from the Swedish “påse”, also featured in the label). So it simply means mega bag (of potato chips, in this case). But does sound really funny in English, though! Like kiss is pee in Swedish and the German fart means speed etc.

  • JR48

    The point is not to analyze it or take it seriously, just laugh over it. For example it doesn’t matter that the urinal product is for bladder issues. In English, the idea of a urinal in a bag is…funneh. A urinal is a type of toilet that men pee in in public places.

    And I don’t laugh at sick people, I formerly had a career in healthcare.

  • TrekkieGrrrl

    Hehe.. I guess you guys would love a Danish lift/elevator?

  • ML

    Urinal is what men urinate in which is why it’s funny or stupid. If you want to sell medication for urinary problems, you refer to it as bladder support. Most of these companies that try to use English terminology, don’t like to spend money to hire companies to do a proper translation so their products end up on this list.

    • Mikey

      Some of them do – yes. However the word “urinal” is not so much English as simply Latin. So when it comes to this product, which I guess is sold in Czech Republic or Slovakia, it wasn’t the case of a company unwilling to spend money on good translation but rather a coincidence: a normal-sounding Latin-based word in Czech/Slovak sounds funny in this context in English.

  • The Doctor

    It’s not really fair to lump the “Ayds” diet candy in with the rest of these, though. That brand existed long before the disease “AIDS” was even known about, much less named as such; when that brand was introduced, the word “aids” had no meaning aside from being the plural of “aid”.

  • Will Dooley

    Then there’s the French lemon-lime product named Pschitt – the world’s most carefully pronounces soft drink.

  • Lola

    Don’t knock Vergina until you’ve sucked on one. My favourite beer ever!