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Incredible Folded Paper Art by Simon Schubert

We have already seen wonderful sculptures that can be made out of a single sheet of paper, but you probably didn’t know that it’s also possible to draw amazing pictures without  using paint or any tools other than hands for paper folding.

At first sight, these very detailed pictures, which sell for up to £3,800, seem to have been drawn with pencil but only when you notice that Simon’s gallery web address ends with “papierarbeiten.html” you understand how amazing his works really are.

A German artist named Simon Schubert (born 1976) has spent two years perfecting the art of folding paper, and now it takes him up to a week to create each of his elaborate masterpieces.

“The first attempt was not really so successful, took quite a white to get the technique perfect” - says Simon. The funny part is that he often had to convince people his pictures are not painted.

“Most of the people who see the work are surprised that the pictures are created by folding paper, they don’t believe it when I tell them. Many of them think I’ve used paint or pencil to create the affect of light and shade. But when they realize the pictures are actually folded they are quite impressed.”

Website: | Sources: 1 2

1. Villa de Bank

2. Portrait of Samuel Beckett

3. Mirrored

4. Mirror Room

5. Loft

6. Stairs, Small Room With the Floor

7. Flight of Stairs and Doors

8. Stairs

9. Large Mirror Room

10. Hallway With Central Mirror

11. Villa Z

12. Figure In Levels

13. Stairs

14. Passage

15. Long Hallway

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  • Maxim DS

    Another great job! Wow! *is amazed*

  • May

    The heck!!
    How is this possible!?!
    I’m in total awe!!

  • Rex


  • eskay

    How does he do it. Lots of practice and patience.

  • Nisa

    wow… hell no this is out of my mind

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  • Greg2spook

    ghostly imagry surreal spiritual energy… it!!

  • Jojomako

    just use a mold. I’ve done it before

    • jojomako

      I’m pretty sure that this were made by hand -_-

  • jenna

    beautiful work simon….this is def unique. your work is purely on of a kind.

  • Samcorlis

    I’m happy when I fold a piece of paper in half correctly to make a card…..this!…this is far more skill and patience than I could accumulate over the length of my entire “folding career!”

  • Terra Firman

    Thats really cool thanks David Blaine for sharing on twitter

  • Anonymous

    oh wow…suddenly my art looks like..crap…just fantastic work 

  • Sick of everything


Author:   Date posted: Nov 2nd, 2010
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