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Hundreds of Floating Umbrellas Above a Street in Agueda, Portugal

If you come to Águeda, a municipality in Portugal, during the month of July, you may see hundreds of colorful umbrellas floating above some streets. They are hung over promenades giving pedestrians a nice shade and something cool to look at.

Spotted by My Modern Met, these photos were taken by Patricia Almeida and Diana Tavares. Although these photographers were not directly involved with the creation of the installation, without them, most of us wouldn’t even know about it. So thanks to them for sharing these beautiful photos!

“I felt like a kid, amazed by all that color!” – says Patricia who titled her photos “Umbrella Roof” and the “Sky of Umbrellas”.

The street looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Photos: Patricia Almeida, Diana Tavares

Image credits: ©Patricia Almeida

Image credits: ©Diana Tavares

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  • Pierre Comeros via Facebook

    wow! cool!

  • Tomas Kupčinskas via Facebook


  • Panda Goshi via Facebook

    puts a smile on ones face ;)

  • Jessi Kali via Facebook

    Great idea for most of Bergen ;)

  • Ana Nogueira Mendes via Facebook

    Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal. So nice <3 :)

  • Igor Sarman via Facebook

    Ines Ac che figonata! nè?! =)

  • Gary van der Steur via Facebook

    Beautiful street, but the images are irritatingly photoshopped.

  • Vera Alfaiate via Facebook

    alguém deve ter andado a passear por Évora, no ano passado, para ter tal “ideia”…

  • David Green via Facebook

    … Now then, where exactly is Mary Poppins?….

  • Patricia Helmuth via Facebook


  • Petya Harizanova via Facebook

    Sucha a simple idea!!!

  • MaryPat McNeil via Facebook

    I want to see this!!

  • Joyce Cheng

    mmm very similar to wat melbourne has inside a mall..

  • Chieko Yagasaki via Facebook

    rainy days are not bad at all….sometimes. :)

  • Ana Tereza via Facebook

    skvělé – moc se mi to líbí !!!!

  • Klk

    To Joyce – and where did Melbourne get their ideas for hanging baskets of flowers and small laneways full of eateries

  • Evelyn

    is the umbrella street still there? can I still see it in Portugal?