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People Post Their Horrible First-World Problems on Twitter

I was going to write a good introduction to this article, but my fingers hurt from eating too much sushi with chopsticks. Statements like these are a hallmark of the first-world problems meme, which features the complaints of entitled people complaining about everyday occurrences. Now the Middle Class Problems Twitter account has taken to re-tweeting real-life comments from people who have had it up to here with their iPhones, house cleaners and grass-fed organic fair-trade hot dogs. Their cleaners are late, their massages are all wrong, their bechamel is runny, and they‘re not going to take the injustice anymore.

Some of us love to hate first-world problem memes because they’re an example of the first world’s decadence and sense of entitlement. Some of us like them because we sometimes find ourselves guilty of complaining about the same inconsequential problems. Whatever’s the case for you, we’re sure that you will enjoy reading these tweets from people struggling with the difficulties and stresses of first-world life.

Source: @middleclassprob (via Buzzfeed)

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What do you think?

  • Abigail Howe

    That was painful to read…

  • Jaden Hawthorn


  • African

    There is no need to mock us. If you wanna help, help, if not, don’t.

  • Eamon Smith

    Travel the world and realise how well off we are here. Spoilt little bastards….!

  • Tom De Cock

    ” I have a papercut on my Ipad finger” !!!!! Oh nOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Will Smith

    Why the fuck is he wanting to use Shiraz in a Boeuf Bourguignon, anyway?!

  • Guest

    “Oh no! Two women love me! They’re both gorgeous and sexy! My wallet’s too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight!”

  • Robyn Engdahl

    Oh Dhurrr. poor possums who have to put up with this tragedy in their lives … Think about others in less fortunate circumstances and what they have to go through each day to get the basics in everyday life/existence!!!

  • Juju

    Sat here watching my favourite adult movie…but ran out of vaseline and tissues *sob*

  • TK

    Grass fed butter is no joke…that ish is good!

  • Anonymous

    While some are jokes, people seem to enjoy bitching. Aaand F*ck that, no one wants to f*cking here it.

  • Alex

    Ok, I WILL agree that many of the first world problems mentioned here are ridiculous, but there are others which are sound. Thing is that most of us who read this aren’t rich to a point that we can be stupid as them, we love our sense of self thinking and decency, BUT we must not forget that many of our daily problems are somewhere else considered first world problems.

    How do I know that you HAVE at leas one first world problem? You are reading this right now and disagreeing with me on INTERNET. :)

    • Kez

      True story – we have internet out here in africa

  • C Bran

    No one has for a Hundred dollar bill and that is ALL I have!

  • Judy Gegg

    I am sometimes guilty of this too. We have so much and think our lives should be filled with sunny days and chocolate. We need to look around us and see the actual suffering that is out there, and try to help however we can.

  • Carey Naughton

    my tummy really hurts from laughing so hard : I think I might
    be dying :-p

  • Anonymous

    This should be retitled “Shit Hipsters Tweet”.

    • Rico Suave

      You mean “Shit ENGLISH Hipsters Tweet”

  • PTBoat

    The Boeuf Bourgignone guy is a plant. Everyone knows that Pinot Noir is the red of Burgundy.

  • janine

    there was a wise woman once said to me “you don’t have to say EVERYTHING that is in your head” she was wise, and I sometimes listen. she hadn’t met twitter. #egocentricism

  • Anonymous

    But isn’t this the entire point of Twitter? Sad, self-important prats whining about their special widdle selves and their issues?

    • Guest

      I would argue that there is in fact NO point to twitter.

      • guestaswell

        And those who use it would argue that you’re a couple of whinging fucks who need a hobby outside worrying about what other people are doing.

        Talking of hobbies, I hear Twitter’s quite good fun.

  • mschanz

    I fucking hate that my tweet is in this article because I was completely kidding when I posted it. I’m pretty sure we all have complained about a lot of dumb shit at least once.

    • Sally Penfold

      Don’t worry it’s just for a laugh… : )

  • judy gold-petranek

    I think anything the Kardashians post would fall under this category… Like Kim taking Katie Couric to task because she (or her assistant) took the time to send a baby gift, and then Katie telling a reporter, “I really don’t know why they’re famous.” Katie was gracious enough to send a gift to someone and was only acknowledging what 99 percent of the world is thinking. Kim wasn’t gracious enough to acknowledge what probably was like a $1,000 gift, telling Katie to “stop talking s*** behind our backs (???)” instead refusing to acknowledge what 99 percent of the world is thinking. But the fact that I actually acknowledge what Kim Kardashian says is a first world problem in itself.

  • Guest

    جرى ايه يا ولاد المره فيه ايه !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohamed

    جرى ايه يا ولاد المره فيه ايه !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no seriously, this happened

    My tablet isn’t working, so I have to use one of my two laptops. Both use an obnoxiously loud fan. I know it is too terrible to believe people have to suffer from this, but after the counseling and the intervention I accepted this really happened and I’m not going to die.

  • no seriously

    Do not worry your suffering will end soon, ignore the people laughing at you, these are such horrible problems, we should work to make sure they never happen again.

  • Luis

    Haha, stupid cunts :)

  • Joaoc

    This is ridiculous.

    That’s just people sharing they’re small everyday frustrations. We all do it regardless of where we live or what our economic status is and it doesn’t mean that we see them as important as world hunger for example. The only difference is most of us don’t share it on the internet.

  • Marinda Jansen van Rensburg

    I don’t think all of these are meant to be complaining. It’s called sarcasm, and hyperbole.

  • amd

    How dare these terrible human beings ever talk about anything except the horrors of the world! These tweets have caused pestilence in third world countries and prevented aid from reaching starving people. When someone mentions anything that is not a matter of life and death at any time, but particularly on social media, this means we immediately know everything about this person including the fact that they DO NOT CARE about serious problems, never donate to charity, never help anybody else and are totally self absorbed. A swan spat in my salsa and my pug has hiccups are CLEARLY demonstrations of their whinging privileged status and not, for example, a passing comment meant to raise a smile.

    Kill them all with fire.

  • Brotha Kyo

    Good to know DeGrassi’s Mike Dallas hates Apple products.

  • Bernie Glynn

    Shitty wi-fi in Bora-Bora. That jerks my gherkin!

  • Geraldine

    That is why I don’t use either Facebook or Twitter. People are so entitled and needy for attention that makes me want to burf!

  • Spiritman

    Favourite one: Jess Steele and her inheritance money. Oh boo-hoo!

Date posted: Sep 5th, 2013
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