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Fake Painting Photographs by Alexa Meade

What you are about to see, are not paintings on canvas! Alexa Meade paints with acrylics directly on human flesh creating the illusion of painterly portraits.

“Alexa Meade is an installation artist based in the Washington, DC area. Her background in the world of political communications has fueled her intellectual interest in the tensions between perception and reality.

Alexa Meade’s innovative use of paint on the three dimensional surfaces of found objects, live models, and architectural spaces has been incorporated into a series of installations that create a perceptual shift in how we experience and interpret spatial relationships.” (from her BIO)

Website: | Flickr:


Portrait of Alexa Meade


Egg On Egg

Living Still Life

Natura Morta





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What do you think?

  • Sylvia

    What an idea!
    At first I wondered why the word “fake” was used; it didn’t seem fake to me.
    Good job, guys.

  • barn

    really awesome

  • Birdhammer

    This is Amazing! Man..I just can’t believe it! I am so glad I found this site!

  • Colin Perini

    Are they for sale…? Expensive art to maintain.

  • dude

    I KNOW THIS CHICK, and it’s crazy her art is shown on interwebs? she gives super bjs by the way

  • Jeremy

    most inappropriate comment ever by “dude” but it’s the thought that counts right? seriously, awesome art. it ain’t enough to have a fantastic idea, the execution has to be well done too. can’t wait to see one of these works in person.

  • http://none samantha

    amazing work & so creative!

  • Millenion

    this is great. great work by the painter

  • spencer

    it’s called tracing

  • Scraps

    just awesome… nice and cool.. mainly the pictures of timmy and will

  • Brittany M.

    That’s incredible! Such a creative idea. :)


    Wow! They look awesome! Unbelievable!

  • Malek_Cypher

    It reminded me a lot to Richard Linklater’s “Waking Life”. :) Great Job!

  • alex platt

    So extraordinary.. this is really inspiring

  • d4ve

    Its multiple art: make-up, painting, sculpting.

    Refreshing !

  • Susanna-Cole

    Wow, oh wow. This is almost tricky to comprehend, they look so much like still paintings, I can’t get my mind around the fact that they’re not! It’s almost eerie, yet brilliant!


  • Mike


    Just wanted to throw it out there that this is some amazing work. Very very impressive!


  • dede

    i dont get it,,,,, what do these paintings mean??

  • Trent

    dede, if you’re serious:
    They’re not paintings. Those are REAL people and locations that have been made up to Look like paintings. Then they’re photographed. So what you’re looking at are simply photographs. They’re just photographs of things that intentionally look like paintings instead of just a simple photo.

  • shanna

    amazing concept and I almost fell off my chair when I realised that she was painting on the actual people, i for some reason thought it was over a photograph…well done!!!

  • jan

    Lovely work. BAD IDEA!!
    Acrylic paint is very toxic, and easily absorbed through the skin into the major organs.

  • willy

    excelente trabajo srs.

  • rexy

    amazing, really, really good! double thumbs up!

  • jacque | promotional flyer printing

    Now that’s different! really awesome style. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Oil Paintings

    some amazing work… nice one!

  • zi

     VERY VERY UNUSUAL! NEVER SEEN BEFORE. it’s all new design in art! fabulous!

  • Catilina

    coolest thing i have ever seen!

  • Kristine Carla


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