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Creepy Dolls by Shain Erin

If you are a Santa Claus or just a parent wondering what kind of gift to get for your misbehaving kid, look no further! Creepy dolls by Shain Erin is your answer!

Shain Erin has been making art practically since birth and has achieved success in a variety of media including painting, digital media and sculpture. Recently he has become obsessed with the possibilities of the doll as a medium with the potential to reach a wide and varied audience while challenging conventions and preconceptions about art and art-making. He draws on a wide range of influences including world art, mythology and popular culture to create a unique perspective on the doll as an art form.

Shain has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and has shown work throughout the US. His art doll sculptures are in collections throughout the US, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, and Norway.

Victorian Zombie Doll – Mauly

Another Zombie Doll Maeve

Ghost Dolls

Oracle (Power Figure)

Gastonia and Conjoined Triplets


Mummy Dolls




Zombie #3

Babette, the Beastly Beauty

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  • R

    wow, thats really creepy)))

  • AJSzilagyi

    this is kinda f’ed up

  • tibs

    Ok, not nice at all, these could freakin terrify kids! :S

  • Cassandra

    I love these! They’re so eerie…I want one.

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  • Shannon

    I love these dolls! They are freaking gorgeous. I would love to have a few of these myself. I hope you keep up the fantastic work!

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  • plasticnoodle

    Hey Shannon! Are you the Shannon that i knew? Shannon Barrios??

  • Mèo già

    scary, but I want to have one

  • Bob Dobbs

    These are beautiful 

  • Tamtam

    I gotta hand it too you. There is no way they could be any more ugly!

Author:   Date posted: Sep 30th, 2010
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