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Creative Photoshopping by Erik Johansson

There are many people who will say that Photoshop is bad, and that you shouldn’t alter your photos digitally (or at most you should do just some brightness corrections).

Well, I think that this is a big BS! Why should we suppress our creativity in any way?

Just look at these inspirational photo manipulations by Erik Johansson, and think for awhile – could it be done without Photoshop? No!

So stop complaining, and better grab a Photoshop tutorial!

Ok, now let’s get back to Erik, the artist that will kill your boredom after a few seconds.

Main facts:

Name: Erik Johansson

Age: young

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Equipment: Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon EF 24-70/2.8L USM, Canon EF 50/1.8, Canon EF 17-40/4L USM, Elinchrom flashes

Source of inspiration (a few): My daily life, M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Rob Gonsalves, bob hund


P.S.: now all those trolls can say “photoshopped” in their comments and they will be 100% right.

Deep Cuts

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Fishy Island

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Perspective Squarecase

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Reflective cubes

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Roadworkers Coffeebreak

(Erik Johansson, 2009)


(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Melting Point

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Heaven Express

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Vertical Turn

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Attractive Streetlights

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Homo Sapiens

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Swedish Airhouse

(Erik Johansson, 2008)



(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Question Architecture

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Hanging See on the wall

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Wet dreams on open water

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Face vs. Fist

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Coffee Spill

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

The Downside of Shredding Continued

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Go Your Own road

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

The room

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

No Limits

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Strange Forest

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Arms break, Vases Don’t

(Erik Johansson, 2008)

Oranges are Best Whole

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Layout of the Fourth Dimension

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Lazy Dogs Have also Come out

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Last Tree, Last Autumn

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Casual Breakfast

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Man Made Flood

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Winner in Scandinavian photo’s photo challenge 2007


(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Unexpected Visitor

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Working at Sea

(Erik Johansson, 2007)


(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Sewers Hide More than just a Bad Luck

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Escalator in the Sky

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

Shaving is for Boys

(Erik Johansson, 2007)

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  • dave

    dith is so graet

  • Marie Rundqvist Grahn

    That was absolutely brilliant!

  • Ehsan

    I guess by “No Limints” you meant “No Limits”. If that’s so, you should correct it.

  • Bored Panda

    Ehsan, thank you, corrected!

  • moracca

    the reflection in the reflective cubes picture should actually be reversed.. still cool tho

  • Jakkar

    Curses.. I get linked here for your bloody fountain 15 minutes walk from my front door.

    Which isn’t usually bloody, people just love f*ckin’ around with that thing, often with soapy suds flooding all over the pavement on drunken nights out =D

    .. Then find an interesting-sounding article, only to discover I’m already watching this guy actively on DeviantART >.>

  • Carla

    These are absolutely amazing!!! I’ve been working with photochop cs3 for about a year and a half, and I couldn’t pull any of this off.

  • jesus


  • Norton Mansfield

    Photohopped, ok, but your work ends up being better because it seems you do some real rendering as well. Awesome, I’ve always liked your Tetris piece, this is the first time seeing others. Where can we see a real life exhibit?

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  • Dating Advice Goddess

    You deserve trillions of kudos

  • Sydney :D

    Look in the reflection of “Hanging See on the wall.” Notice that she is wearing blue, denim capris. Look into the puddle. She is wearing gray shorts. What now?

  • Anonymous

    all were absolutely fantastic. the work was great up until i reached the last one and i wanted to hurl. lol. but no seriously. excellent work. i loved them all :)

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