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Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows

Turns out a cat doesn’t necessarily have to be grumpy to become and Internet sensation: meet Sam, the ever-surprised kitten, whose eyebrows made him an Internet hit overnight! Black markings over his eyes make the cat look as if he has eyebrows going through the roof. Sam’s pictures went viral instantly, and he now has over 10.000 followers on Instagram.

Sam the Eyebrow Cat was tracked to be spending his days in New York. When contacted, the cat’s owner said that Sam’s story was “under wraps”, and hinted a possible launch of a website in Sam’s honor. The apologetic and concerned look on the cat’s face must make sure this fellow will only need one of his nine lives – what possible trouble could this face ever get him into?









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  • Emilia Gościej via Facebook


  • Ju Pont via Facebook

    Adam Beal

  • Rezoan Hossain Ratul via Facebook

    Nahiyan Faisal Azad =P

  • Nahiyan Faisal Azad via Facebook

    aaaa :D…i know abt him big thing after grumpy cat maybe

  • Jess Kovalyov via Facebook

    Copycat after grumpy cat? Lol still super cute

  • Domagoj Zarić via Facebook

    Mesić ket! :D

  • Dominika Zięba via Facebook

    Piero Tola lovely creature for you :P

  • Piero Tola via Facebook

    indeed it is!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Jessica Ann Ramsay via Facebook

    i follow him on instagram! his name is SAMHASEYEBROWS

  • Marika Chachanidze via Facebook

    he’s so sad!

  • Dana Hersom Fillion via Facebook

    Beautiful and adorable at the same time.

  • Lori Johnson

    Adorable kitty!

  • RW

    Love him ! Is he for sale ??

  • Kat

    Those eyes :)

  • eve dawson

    awww I would love a cat like this

  • Saskia

    He always looky like: is it ok if i would eat that food? is it ok? co- could i do this? ok?

Author:   Date posted: Feb 22nd, 2013
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