A good film is a true work of art, and slowing things down can sometimes help us appreciate how much artistry and care went into a particular scene. These beautiful movie scenes will show you that each and every movie still can be as beautiful as a painting or a stunning photo.

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The amount of creative work that goes in to creating an excellent scene is mind-boggling – it's no wonder that there's so much money in Hollywood. It's not just A-list actors' notoriously large salaries – every scene needs cameras, lighting, stage/scene equipment, props, furniture, and people to create/operate all of this equipment. Many locations can involve closing important through-ways for hours at a time, certainly a costly endeavor.

In the end, however, all of that work is worth it – especially when the directors, producers and other staff create a timeless work of art. Please add your favorite movie scenes to this list!

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#6 The Shining

The Shining


TinyDynamine 1 year ago

Beautiful? Dramatic maybe.

#9 Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel


LunarAurora 1 year ago

Not sure if Ralph Fiennes or Dennis O'Hare.

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#12 Shindler's List

Shindler's List


PamelaCowley 1 year ago

Absolutely. Absolutely.

#14 Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction


TinyDynamine 1 year ago

What?! Two guys about kill another is not beautiful!

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