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13 Amazing Before And After Makeup Photos

There is a popular saying in Russia  that before you marry, you should take your bride to the sauna first. You may think it has to be done for some dirty purposes, but actually wise men explain it differently:

“When you go with your chosen one to the banya (Russian word for sauna), you can see the real person, without all the cloths and all the cosmetics that can deceive you greatly and affect your choice.” (englishrussia)

But remember, it’s an old saying/tradition long before the Photoshop era – so today this sauna test is probably even more important than ever before.

If you still don’t believe it’s necessary – Vadim Andreev, makeup artist from Russia, has an amazing portfolio of before and after makeup photos you should definitely see!


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  • Anca

    This one : is not only make up but very obvious Photoshop too (look at her lips and nose dimensions).
    Nevertheless, cool job(s)!

    • illustrator101

      to be fair, it can be done without photoshop. it can be done with a very light type of foundation and diffuse light (when taking the picture) from one side and a stronger one from the other. the light effect on the picture dissolves the contours of her nose making it look smaller.

  • Andrey

    it’s just makeup and photoshop. Prior to this model without makeup – such a contrast

  • Matisse
  • Norian

    Way too artificial but still amazing work on changing those looks.

    The only one I consider beeing good is number 12 and it´s her lips only. She´s got perfect lips and he just took them a made them visible. That is a good job.

    Cool post though.

  • Daniel

    El maquillaje de verdad que hace milagros.. De echo hay personas que sin maquillaje son irreconocibles..

  • Kamila

    # 3 & 9, amazing!!! Huge contrast and great job for all!

  • heywood jablowme

    uhh……whats with all the dudes getting makeovers on here??

  • Piotr

    The worst thing is, that in the morning again, everyone will look like on the left picture.

    • Lili Flores


  • Cristina

    I was impressed until I saw #9…..they put makeup on this girl AND gave her a nose job?!

  • Dawgbawlz

    how come the photog get all the credit while the photoshop artists aren’t even mentioned? most of this is PS work

  • Casey Susannah-Ezio Nokes

    Clearly photoshop work, make up can’t change the shape of peoples noses!

  • Kiwi

    some of them i honestly cant believe that they are the same people

  • Lina Fluffy Edamame

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xD

  • Katey

    Did the makeup include nose jobs?

    • Stefani Plate

      lol No photoshop did haha :) (not trying to be sarcastic, really:) )

  • Denis Sosnerzh

    С мужиками-то всё равно какая-то хуета :(

  • Hustla RIO

    that’s wassup ?

  • Sarah Goldstein

    #5 is pretty without makeup.

    • Wtf

      hell naw

  • Anonymous

    Clearly all the people who are amazed by most of these are guys. Yes, they do look different, but in my opinion, not that much better, in most of these. 

  • Ccru4real

    wow so i guess the guys wanted 2b in an avatar show??

  • Lili Flores

    Right green eyes turn blue..,

  • shai

    It could be the lighting, and some peoples eyes change colors. My eyes change from green to blue all the time. :)

Author:   Date posted: Oct 6th, 2010
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