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Incredible 3D Pencil Drawings by Nagai Hideyuki

Do you remember the amazing 3D Pencil Drawings by 17 Year Old Fredo we’ve shown you last year? Well, don’t be deceived, this is not another collection of his work.

The sketches below are all drawn by the 21-year-old Nagai Hideyuki from Japan. Inspired by British 3D street artist Julian Beever, Hide uses the same projection technique called anamorphosis which allows to create 3D illusion when viewed from the correct angle.

At the age of 17, the artist wanted to become a cartoonist, but didn’t have the talent to draw comics. However, three years later, after seeing Julian Beever’s street art in the newspaper, Hide decided to create art in the streets of Japan. But he soon realized that it was against the law. This is how he ended up drawing on paper.

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  • Rúben Bento via Facebook

    Isto e lindo e dá um trabalho do caraças para fazer eu já tentei mas nem ficou lá perto

  • Gosia Glazar via Facebook

    he’s really good

  • Mao-Shadow Boy via Facebook

    waw !

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  • Anonymous

    Exceptional artwork that’s playing with perspective

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    super!!! :))

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    Ty vole!

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    Oh yeah, wow!

  • Huckleberry Catfish

    Cool. Where can I buy a 3D pencil?

  • Nicole De Biasi

    I don’t understand how something like this is possible! O_____O

  • Charles DuPont

    Absolutely amazing. My kind of art. Salvador Dali with an added dimension.

  • saima

    amazingly amazing drawings mind blowingly mind blowing

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for these beautiful piece of art. These amazing drawings are beyond imagination. Each piece of art itself look like a dream world….

  • zaka

    Keren banget. bisa bikin karya 3dcuman pake pensil

  • neeraj

    wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf amazing f***

  • chandrakanth

    its amazing please tell me how u did it

  • Allira

    toby says wtf

Author:   Date posted: Jun 27th, 2012
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