If most people found a worm in a salad they’d bought from the supermarket, they’d probably just not eat the salad and maybe ask for a refund. But Leila Jayne Daly isn’t most people. Which is why the mom from Portishead, Somerset, decided to write an epic complaint to Sainsbury’s after discovering the slimy stowaway in her salad bowl.

“Dear Sainsbury’s,” begins the Facebook message. “it is with a sad heart that I write to inform you that your lettuce made me fat.” The real star of this story isn’t Leila however. Nor is it the worm. It’s Ross from Sainsbury’s customer service who really steals the show. See for yourself in full hilarious exchange below.

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Leila Jayne Daly recently wrote a complaint to Sainsbury’s after she found a worm in her salad

“As you can imagine I was absolutely horrified,” wrote Daly in her hilarious letter

But the response from Sainsbury’s was even funnier!

And as you can see, things escalated pretty quickly from there…