I am an illustrator and graphic novelist. Every year I focus on a new medium to challenge myself. I have a contemporary approach to pyrography, I create the work by burning each line and symbol into raw wood. Intricate, henna-like patterns are combined with my signature figures. These labor-intensive pieces are expressions of my Indian heritage and combine a modern, storytelling edge.

In 2014, I challenged myself to create 100 mini wood burnings and sold many of them through Trickster gallery in Berkeley. What I love about working with wood is there’s often an additional pattern coming through the wood grain.

In a way, I feel that the wood was collaborating with me to create layers of art. The relationship that develops with a medium, whether its sketching on paper, painting on the computer, or burning wood may not be visible, but its there – in each shade, shadow and line. Those are the things that make me truly love art.

More info: everydayloveart.com


Happy song

Sun hat

Air guitar

Air piano

The beginning

Seahorse kiss

The singer

Busta move



Fairy happy

Little wonder

Owl watch over you


Mermie morning