Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, Dr. Who – female reboots are a phenomenon that men continue to lose their minds over, even when said in jest. There are some hardcore women in the comic book world but what would happen if one of the more iconic male characters was a woman instead? Well, as one writer on Twitter discovered it would lead to some classic male outrage.

It all began when writer Geraldine DeRuite took to Twitter and proposed that The Joker from Batman should have been a woman, and tied in a joke about some classic misogyny. Most of the men missed the joke and instead spared no time voicing their horror.

And men proceeded to lose their collective minds

Geraldine was unphased and continued to taunt her haters

So more upset men filled her thread with comments

The back and forth between the OP and commenters went on

And even developed into a deeper discussion beyond comic book characters

One man joined the discussion to point out that her ‘outrageous’ idea had, in fact, already been done in the Flashpoint comics

Not appreciating the mansplaining, she had some more fun and made a game out of the comments