Often news headlines characterize millennials as entitled, lazy, self-obsessed and infantile people. This generation of young adults are mercilessly criticized for their use of social media, inability to become financially stable, take care of household chores and harming the economy by ‘killing’ various industries. In the sea of opinions, young adults often feel alienated and misunderstood which leads to them openly sharing their frustrations online. While baby boomers are judging millennials for their smartphone use and love of avocado toast, young adults are trying to prove how much the world has changed since boomers were young, by revealing how their life truly looks like.

A user named brujahinaskirt took to Tumblr to express her opinion on what it’s like to be a millennial. In a paragraph-long rant, she skillfully touches every worry a young adult has, making her words relatable for many.

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Another Tumblr user decided to dwell more into why many people of older generations think millennials are lazy and explain why they are wrong.