The United States might be considered the greatest country in the world for some, but there’s one factor that just can’t be overlooked in the life of a true American. And that’s not just buying everything in bulk or getting that constant flow of free refills. It’s something much more controversial, and it’s the American healthcare system. Its flawed structure has been a shock factor to many. And what about that time when US Senator Bernie Sanders asked people on Twitter to share their most absurd medical bills? There’s been a flood warning.

This time we are covering the sensitive case of a strong woman who survived a gruesome bear attack. Sadly, the most dreadful part of Allena Hansen’s journey in reclaiming her original self was dealing with healthcare insurance providers. On this subreddit, the woman confessed that “when Blue Cross denied service, that brought me to the brink of despair.“ It turns out that the woman’s insurance company covered only 20% of her bills, which means she will be paying $300K of expenses for the rest of her life. It makes us question whether there’s any justice left in the world.

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This Twitter user shared Hansen’s story and it has enraged people

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The woman had to undergo hours of emergency surgery and days of reconstructive medical procedures

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Rachel shared the screenshots of Hansen’s answers about the most difficult part of recovery

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These were the questions Reddit users asked the survivor in ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread

Here’s the rest of the thread where Allena shared details about the incident 

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Here are some more questions and answers from this AMA session

Allena Hansen was walking on her property in the wilderness when a bear attacked her in 2008. Hansen described the ordeal in gruesome detail: “I found myself down on the ground. I heard, ‘Chomp, chomp, chomp.’ I felt it go through my skull. I felt it bite through this eye.” As if it was a miracle, her two dogs, Decoy and Arky, came to the rescue. As soon as their barking distracted the bear, the woman found some strength to escape.

Dr. Kimberly Lee from the UCLA Medical Center was part of a surgical team that put Hansen back together in a 10-hour emergency surgery. “She had an indentation of the bone where the bear’s claw tore through her face,” reported Dr. Kimberly Lee. As horrible as it sounds, it was just the beginning of the woman’s dreadful misery.

The woman turned to writing and told her story in a memoir

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It could have been a fresh new start for the brave woman, but her health insurance provider didn’t cover dental, optical, or cosmetic—the major injuries she suffered. One subreddit user asked Hansen if she ever felt like giving up at some point and the answer was heartbreaking. “No, I didn’t ever feel like giving up during the ursadent itself. But there were many times during my recovery when Blue Cross denied service. I was saved from my existential angst by the kindness of strangers.”

Luckily, the woman kept her sense of humor during the harsh times and published a memoir called Chomp Chomp Chomp. Considering everything she had (and still has) to go through, one can’t help but remember: that which doesn’t kill us really does make us stronger.

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