Way too often, people forget that acting carelessly around wild animals can result in a tragedy. A couple of years ago a gorilla named Harambe was killed after a 4-year-old boy managed to get into his enclosure. The killing of the gorilla resulted in a widespread backlash, with many people blaming both zookeepers and parents for allowing the child to get into gorilla’s cage. Sadly, some people learned nothing from this situation and continues to get themselves into dangerous situations by not obeying the rules at the zoo.

Image credits: ZooWildlife

The woman wanted to take a selfie with a jaguar and to do so, she decided to cross the barrier and got dangerously close to the wild animal.

That’s when the jaguar reached out and grabbed the careless woman’s arm with its claws. The victim suffered deep scratches and was taken into the hospital to treat her injuries.

After this story went viral people began to wonder what will happen to the jaguar who attacked the visitor. The Wildlife Word Zoo released a statement reminding people that those barriers are put there for a reason and reassured that the jaguar won’t be put down.

Image credits: ZooWildlife

The man who helped the woman attacked by the jaguar took a video of her injuries

Some people reacted by cracking jokes about the whole ordeal

Ohers sided with the animal, by saying that the jaguar did nothing wrong