June was pride month and to celebrate this ‘Cards Against Humanity’ brought out a special edition ‘Pride Pack,’ with the option of glitter added. Unfortunately when Kait Johnson went to order her glitter bomb pride pack, it was unavailable. Cards Against Humanity had run out of glitter.

“I play cards against humanity all the time I love it so much,” Kait told Bored Panda. “My friends and I all have sick senses of humor so it’s always a fun time!”

They really wanted that glitter, so what to do? Email the company and get it, obviously. So that’s just what Kait did, and to their credit, Cards Against Humanity responded, being the kickass customer service company that they’ve become known for. However, the response still left Kait lacking in sparkle. So she upped the stakes. How would they respond this time? “I honestly didn’t expect a response, let alone a box of glitter,” she told us. And what is she going to do with all that glitter now? “I’m actually trying to look for a school that might need extra glitter for their art class.”

Not to burst your bubble but glitter has come under scrutiny lately for its environmental impact, it is a microplastic that can eventually find its way into oceans and the creatures that live there. Most glitter is made of aluminium and a plastic called PET, which can disrupt hormones in the bodies of animals and humans when broken down. Some are even calling for it to be banned completely, although some more environmentally friendly alternatives do exist. So if you do choose to use glitter, use it responsibly!

Scroll down below to check out how Kait’s story unfolded for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


This woman wanted to get glitter with her ‘pride pack’ but they ran out

So she decided to email Cards Against Humanity

“Should I be afraid?”

“CAH responded. Their response turned my anxiety dial to 10”

“It came in today. Small white envelope hummm…..”

“Tiny amount of glitter and they admit they f**ked up. Not gonna lie I’m kinda disappointed”



But this wasn’t the end

“So my girlfriend got this in the mail today. From CAH????”

“She’s a little thick on the sides”

“Trolled again, just a grey plastic sleeve filled with more glitter and a card”


“So after some small packages reddit user u/cd247 suggested my girlfriend send this to CAH”

“So she did this was the reply they sent back. Now I’m terrified”

“We walk up to the house saying, what the hell is that?”

“Hhuummmmm I see glitter and a big box”

“I wonder why they left the mail Box?”

“If you find glitter on your packages I’m so not sorry”


“That’s box was filled with glitter, weight about 5LBs. But no spring trap, or trap of any kind”

“Seen the Mail Lady down the street and she said keep the box, they don’t want it back”

The final emails of defeat

Here’s how people responded