My name is Stela and I’d like to bring something unique to your panda attention, since you are connoisseurs of creativity and meaningful images.

A bunch of my friends happen to be very talented. One of them had a brilliant idea and something very genuine and entertaining was born. It’s called “The Golden Apple” series and with your help it can become a reality.

Here is a summary of the story: “In a vast mountain world, where the ancient spirits walk the forests and the Kuker warriors protect the humans from evil, we meet Vihra. She is a headstrong 14-year-old girl, whose hair is a cloud and changes with her mood. Vihra is the daughter of Vulkan Zmei – a powerful storm spirit, and a human – the mayor of the industrious city of Khan.

When war is about to break out in her hometown between humans and spirits, Vihra sneaks out to find the golden apple and use it’s magical powers to restore the peace and save her family.

She is joined by Vlad and Bran – two brothers who dream of becoming Kuker warriors, and need the magical apple to restore the lost Kuker guide (a book, holding the secrets of all Kuker magic), and Tina – a young samodiva nymph, with an angelic voice and a mischievous personality, who wants to escape the small world of the forest, she has never before left.

They are not the only ones looking for the apple though. Will they find before it is too late?”

More info: | Facebook | Kickstarter

Tina is a young mischievous nymph. Don’t let her angelic voice fool you

This is Vihra. She is half-human, half-spirit and has a cloud instead of hair. Don’t make her angry, if you are not a fan of lightnings

Brothers Vlad and Bran are Kuker warriors. Don’t mess with them as well

A magical adventure awaits

The Golden Apple itself

Natives in this Universe are so colorful

There some colorful sheep as well

Hope you liked The Golden Apple