Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Depending on which country you’re in, I can be Waldo, Charlie, Walter, Ali, etc. In Norway for example, I’m Willy. People really want to know where Willy is over there!

So, a couple of years have passed and I’d like to express my frustration with humanity. I’ve been here this whole time, but nobody could find me. I mean, everybody knows that a good man is hard to find anyway.

Well, no hard feelings. It doesn’t matter anymore because I’m officially coming out of the shadows and you can find me here, there and everywhere. Recently I started snapping my life in my home country, England and you can ketchup with me on Instagram.

Welcome to my world!

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So let’s stretch outside our comfort zone to reach greatness

Chillin’ with Ben

He has lice but I love him

Grab that bee, girl

Today has been ruff!

Today we will be happier than a bird with a French fry!

Get off the gate!

Home is where your pullover matches the surroundings

Casually ballet’ing at Hydepark

Because there are some question that even Google can’t answer

Please, ask to play the piano. Unless you’re Mozart!

I’m heeeeeeeeeeeeere! (eco) e-uh e-uh e-uh

I must not face the closed door for too long or all the others will do the same

Checking out how I’ll fish that fish

I love stairs

Next to the temple

Lil’ ketchup with the news



It’s not the length that matters, but the performance

Strike a pose


My name is Found! Wally Found

My little St. Paul’s Library

You can observe a lot by just watching