Chances are that if you told your kid you’d eaten all of their Halloween candy then they’re probably not going to be very happy about it. That’s what Channing Tatum, Pink, Jimmy Kimmel, and a whole bunch of other parents did recently for a hilarious section of the Jimmy Kimmel show (which Channing has recently been guest-hosting), and the results are just as funny (or as mean, depending on your outlook), as you’d expect. Scroll down to see for yourself. Some of the responses are predictable, but others might just surprise you…(h/t: 22words)

There’s nothing scarier for a kid on Halloween than being told that all of their candy has been eaten

So that’s exactly what Channing Tatum, Pink, and Jimmy Kimmel did to their children recently!

Pink tried the same thing with her daughter Willow

“Last night, while you were sleeping, mommy and I ate all of your Halloween candy,” Jimmy Kimmel told his daugher

Some people found the prank mean and unfair

Others however thought it was just some light-hearted fun

What do you think?