A man has many names. However, I prefer to be called Izat among six other words in my full name. I come from Malaysia but I identify myself more as a Westerosi. I am an architecture graduate from Australia with immense passion in doodling arts and I spend my free time drawing in my sketchbook.

I have always liked fantasy worlds be it in any form. In the past, these kinds of works were always seen as geeky but today, everywhere we go, people passionately talk about Hogwarts, Minas Tirith or any of Miyazaki’s places. That inspires me to create my own places that I want to live in or I wish to visit.

My works are architecturally-inspired doodles with hints of pop references. I like the idea of merging architecture with familiar subjects. I draw something fun and chaotic in a controlled fashion. Maybe a part of me just want celebrate happy things that exist in life such as coffees, sleep and memes. But they are also bad things like Kimojis so I could be wrong.

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#1 Deer Skyscraper

Deer Skyscraper

The antlers have inspired so many creative people. Here is my version.


Smriti Dubey 2 years ago


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#2 Animal Retreat In Lungs

Animal Retreat In Lungs

An environmental statement where healthy lungs come from healthy air, and healthy air leads to healthy animals. Or maybe an idea just hit me randomly.


Smriti Dubey 2 years ago

How you imagine inspires me

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#3 Fish Teeth

Fish Teeth

I like teeth so why not add some architectural charms to them?


Smriti Dubey 2 years ago

Another worlf

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#4 My Childhood Neighborhood Reimagined

My Childhood Neighborhood Reimagined

My neighbourhood changes and not in a good way. So I drew this in hope it will get better.


spirit wolf 2 years ago

Does howl and calcifer live here too?

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#5 Trojan Funfair

Trojan Funfair

I always think the trojan soldier's helmet as ferris wheel, thus giving me inspiration for this wooden funfair.


#6 Fox Is A Bunny Haven

Fox Is A Bunny Haven

Have you ever thought that maybe foxes eat those bunnies to save and put them into a bunny haven? Of course not because it is totally unrealistic.


#7 Moo Moo Land

Moo Moo Land

How many times do we look at a cow's black and white markings and say, "that just looks like a map!"


#8 I Always Think That Brain Has Beautiful Architectural Quality

I Always Think That Brain Has Beautiful Architectural Quality

I have always imagine how bacteria moves around our body. It just be way more interesting with such intricate organs acting as their houses.


#9 Frog Library

Frog Library

Merging the idea of frog a library.


#10 Alligator Hotel

Alligator Hotel

Those moments when we just doodled things up and they just felt right artistically.


Mai Ngô 2 years ago

Zaha Hadid :o

#11 Oasis On A Camel

Oasis On A Camel

People say dreams are black and white, but I saw pinkish landscape with blue river in mine.


#12 The Love Island

The Love Island

Romance meets architecture.


#13 A Blue Temple

A Blue Temple

It is a skyscraper design of a temple tower.


Matrix Mocs 2 years ago

This looks beautiful! #monument valley

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