It’s a well known fact that children master new skills and acquire new knowledge easily while playing. That’s why educational mobile apps are a great way for kids to learn without any pressure or stress.

Every educational app focuses on teaching the specific set of skills. You can choose the game depending on your development goal: be it general understanding, attention, memory, logic or comprehension.

Today I would like to speak about how games created by Russian developers can help to develop certain skills and abilities.

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Rolando Locomotov game provides tasks that promote logical thinking and improves concentration ability. It also contains interactive exercises tailored to assist child in discovery of various aspects of the world.

You can set up the level of difficulty suitable for the child’s age. The interactive hint system ensures that the child always chooses the right answer therefore providing comfortable circumstances to learn in a stress free environment.

Paper Tales game provides opportunities to realize child’s creative potential, to improve creative thinking and to not be afraid to experiment. Wise Aristotle the Moose and his friend Tock-Tock the Woodpecker interact in the Paper world at the child’s request. The learning takes place in familiar locations well known to the small fans of the eponymous cartoon.

Every day of Be-be-bears is filled with adventures, inventions, entertainment, and world exploration. The be-be-bears will be happy to welcome your child into their jolly, exciting, and, above all, educational game!

Mini-games help in the development of fine motor skills, logic and ingenuity. The absence of the pre-planned game scenario will benefit your child’s imagination.