TikToker Alla, who is known online as TheRussianRoulette, is sick and tired of men hijacking conversations about women’s rights by saying, “But what about our rights?” So she made a video to try and put an end to this.

In the recording, Alla explains why she thinks such a question means nothing on its own, and why dropping it in the middle of a conversation about another sex does nothing for men too — Alla believes this discussion requires much more research and overall involvement. Not just cheap linguistic bait.

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Men dominate key institutions, such as government, politics, management, trade unions, churches (and that’s a topic for another time); yet some suffer considerable marginalization as evidenced in higher rates of suicide, psychiatric illness, and alcoholism than women.

Men’s relatively low life expectancy, poor health, accidents, suicide, and morbidity are just a few big problems they currently face. Be it sports as the dominating lens of masculinity or the pressure to be a financial success, they can suffer many, many sleepless nights and face other challenges as a result.

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According to The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan and its counselors and therapists, men often struggle with anger and stress management, anxiety and depression, being a good father, as well as sex and intimacy, and that’s just scratching the surface.


You might think, “why should we care?” But just think of the impact men have on women, children, and other men. We should talk and try to solve their struggles, but these discussions and actions shouldn’t sacrifice women’s rights.

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