I’m a French Artist, and I want to present to you my work!

I work in several areas, my Muses are Geek Culture, Esoterism, and the Pendant!

All of my work are Handmade! I learn draw and watercolor from myself!

I creat a first watercolor, the Galaxy Cat, and another and another. I present my creation to the world, and my passion touch people, I send three creation in Canada, USA and Austria! Me! A French Artist send his work around the World, never I can hope this! I was very happy!

Please, send me your ideas for watercolor, and critical, good or bad, for offers the best of myself! :)

More info: Etsy

Mario Galaxy

The Vifd’or, 3rd watercolor

Totoro, my 2nd watercolor

The Galaxy Cat, 1rst watercolor of my life!!!

Pampa Power!

Mario’s plant

Bibi Orunita! My last watercolor

Honey (Bio) and Bee Flask

The steampunk Pendant

The Heart Quartz, for found love!

Home protect with water and salt! Handmade :)!

Myrrhe and Mouss pendant

The Feather Quartz, for found love

Dandelion Flask

Mouss Flask!

Mario collection!

Mario’s Plant

Mario Plant two!

Maroja’s Mask

Totoro :)

Nian Cat

Another Collection

Another Collection Two

Pokemon Collection