There’s nothing new in giving instructions to your baby or dog sitter who doesn’t know your child (or dog) as well as you do. Clear instructions and tips make it easier for both parties to adjust. But this woman went above and beyond when she made instructions for her sister who was going to dog-sit her furry friend, Gus. She made an entire guide in a PDF format of all the dos and don’ts, illustrated with Gus’ photos and even a fast facts section.

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This woman received an informative “A weekend with Gus” guide from her sister prior to dog sitting for her

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The Twitter user under the username bewwbie shared the guide that her sister sent. “I’m dogsitting for my sister this weekend and look what I just received as a PDF,” she writes. The hilarious and informative brochure quickly went viral, spreading to other social media platforms as well. “I know entirely too much and too little about Gus now,” someone under the username Anonanimal3000 noted. And that’s exactly how we feel, too.

It was named “A weekend with Gus” and included info about his daily life

Image credits: bewwbie

“Gus does best when he adheres to a strict schedule,” the leaflet starts. “He can become rambunctious if he gets to decide how the day goes!” The sister then goes on to explain that Gus needs to be taken outside every two hours. But “potty time does not mean outside playtime. He will try and trick you… stay on your toes.” Gus’ owner warns her dogsitter.

The “A weekend with Gus” guide has a fast facts section as well which includes fun quirks about Gus such as “he throws up in the car if he has eaten recently,” or “he is obsessed with socks and paper from the trash.”

Gus’ routine, commands, and some fun facts were covered, too

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On the second page of the guide, Gus’ owner writes about his routine – his three-times-a-day meals, naptime and his fondness for water which should always be readily available to him (as for every other animal, of course.)

Gus’ owner also wrote that Gus knows what “NO” means and that the word should be used whenever the bad side of Gus comes into play. The pamphlet also has a section about the dog’s favorite toys – apparently, bones are your best friend when you’re playing with Gus.

However, some were quick to notice that Gus kind of seems high maintenance. “That’s so cute I can almost overlook that Gus is way too high maintenance,” someone wrote. “I think Gus is perfectly fine and it’s his mom who is a helicopter mom,” another person responded. What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below!

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In almost no time, the “A Weekend with Gus” pamphlet went viral