What if some husbands take it all for granted? Homemade dinner, fresh socks, ironed shirts, sparkly clean house, you name it.

But the TikToker Jalie, @wifestrike, got so fed up being the one cleaning up after her hubby, she announced “week long strike on not cleaning any of his stuff because he swears to god, he’s the one cleaning.”Jalie carefully documented each day of her ongoing house chore strike, sharing her findings with her 16.7K followers.

And not all of it was pretty: from piles of laundry to dirty dishes sitting there waiting for Godot, many people found her hilarious videos all too relatable. So let’s see how the wife strike has unfolded and whether the hubby was really right about being the one who takes care of the tidiness at home.

So she documented everything that happened during that week in a series of hilarious TikTok videos

@wifestrikePt 1 wife on strike♬ original sound – Jalie

From piles of laundry to beauty products being tossed around and dirty shoes lying right there around the house, Jalie hasn’t moved a finger


Bored Panda reached out to Jalie Gil, the 27 year old TikToker from central Florida and creator of the @wifestrike viral video series. Turns out that Jalie has been sharing a home with her husband since 2015. “It all started when my husband and I were having a conversation about household chores and he jokingly said that he does all the cleaning which I immediately protested and mentioned I should go on strike,” she told us in an interview.

During Jalie’s wife strike some things were more or less fine, but others… not so much

“I made the TikTok account on a whim, and within 5 minutes of that conversation @wifestrike was made. I instinctively knew I couldn’t post the wife strike on my personal or beauty page for fear of judgement and shame from our friends and family,” Jalie said.

There were also some ‘gifts’ and things left for Jalie to be taken care of


“I knew there had to be people out there with these husband and cohabiter woes,” she said and added that: “I realized that I was not alone and that I was conditioned to silently clean up after my husband that he literally forgets he ever left a mess behind.”

The TikToker also documented the two sides of the sink with a stark difference

“Mainly the reactions were to keep my strike going even after the initial week-long strike,” Jalie said jokingly. “That I shouldn’t be cleaning after him because he should be responsible for himself. Also, a lot of mentions of divorce even though that is the last thing on my mind.”

After allegedly having cleaned the bathroom, the hubbie couldn’t be bothered to do some extra and left things just lying there


According to Jalie, trying out your own strike is the only way for hubbies to see what you actually do in the household. “I would definitely communicate to your husband/ cohabiter that the strike IS happening and why it has led to that,” she said.

Moreover, “there have been small improvements with my husband and I think the overall message is setting in. However I’m thinking a week long is not enough and I will follow through until the areas of concern are addressed so hopefully he gets the full scope of what I do.”

The clean clothes by the bed are waiting to be put away but hey, it’s day 5 of the wife strike and Jalie is still not doing it


“I would like to add that I am so grateful for the encouragement and support on TikTok. I’m so pleased that I’m able to be vocal about something that so many people go through! I should have done this sooner,” TikTok creator concluded.

But on day 5 a miracle happens in the bathroom and Jalie says it looks the best she has ever seen

And look, there’s no usual suspect, aka an unidentified sock lying there

Day 6 of the wife strike starts with the combo of cleaning supplies and q-tips



The laundry room standing at day 6 looks like it needs some tidying and it’d be something that Jalie would usually do

And the trash bag which was supposed to be taken out is hanging stubbornly here

Many people found Jalie’s strike relatable and this is what they had to comment