Standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement is the least anyone can do. But one bride was less than impressed after seeing the BLM post on her photographer-to-be’s Instagram account.

In fact, the bride got so upset she requested a refund for her deposit. The bride called Shakira “not stable enough to complete the job” and said that the couple “would be embarrassed to have her” photograph their wedding, as they were looking for someone who believes “all lives matter.”

But Shakira Rochelle didn’t fall short of words. She responded to the bride with a DM that blew up the internet and won her the hearts of many. The screenshot was posted on Twitter by a person nicknamed “Q” and got a whopping 812K likes and 149K retweets and counting. So let’s take a look at what Shakira said down below in a perfect example of dropping the mic and standing for what’s right, no matter the clients.

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This BLM post on Shakira’s Instagram angered the bride so much she demanded a refund

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And this is how Shakira replied

After Shakira’s reply went viral, people were eager to help her photography business

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Shakira Rochelle is a 30-year-old wedding, birth, and lifestyle photographer from the Cincinnati area. On her Instagram story posted an hour ago, Shakira stated that “she was hoping to lay low until this frenzy” over the screenshots of her chat with the bride “blew over.”

“But I woke up to something that hurt my soul. There is a photoshopped screenshot circulating stating that coming forward with this story was a business tactic to make profit on the BLM movement.” Shakira called this “the most incredibly absurd thing I have ever heard.”

The photographer explained that the original post started out private until a friend asked if she could share it on social media. “I never had intentions or the desire to go viral for this or anything else,” Shakira stated.

Luckily, the photographer is now booked until winter and is currently not in need of new clients or business.

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Others couldn’t wrap their heads around people who get offended by BLM

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