There are no gaps or blind spots on the map of the world: every place was carefully explored long time ago. Now people know a lot even about outer space: nearly every day scientists discover new astronomical objects. But it does not mean that the Earth has nothing to be amazed at, especially if you have some imagination. Being engaged in taking photos for AirPano project, we have mastered how to turn different geographical objects and places into small planets!

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The globe completely covered by water and corals is the planet Australia:

The planet hidden under skyscrapers is the world of the UAE:

“Two continents” of Prague found themselves on the left and right riversides of the Vltava:

The mountains and the Great Wall of China formed a planet with an unusual landscape:

Does the planet Skeidararsandur covered by a net of rivers have a life on it?

On the Curonian Spit planet in Russia, the still surface of water harmonically coexists with forests and towns:

An artificial lotus flower adorns the planet of Delhi:

And the planet Zimbabwe seems to be inhabited and ruled by this giraffe:

Porto at night, Portugal


Christ the Redeemer Statue. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Moscow, Russia

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Shanghai, China

Planet of Bears. Kamchatka, Russia

Venice, Italy

San Juan River, Goose necks, Utah, USA

Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Rainbow in the Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

Paris, France