Cats, ever the internet’s greatest darlings, can be a ghostly and spirit-like lot, and these beautiful paintings by Serbian-born artist Endre Penovac certainly help portray them as mystical beings not entirely of this world.

Penovac’s extraordinary watercolor drawings are achieved by diluting his ink and color pigments with plenty of water, making them spread across the page on their own. This can make the paint difficult to control, but also gives it that ghostly and fuzzy quality when it dries, which is perfect for his favorite subject – black cats.

His cat paintings are perfect, but his wonderful drawing technique is great for capturing other organic and dynamic forms as well. Check out his website and online galleries as well, and read on for some of his comments to Bored Panda about his unique artworks.

More info: | Saatchi Art | Facebook (h/t: colossal)

“I have been using watercolor as an art medium for decades,” Endre Penovac told Bored Panda. “I was captivated by its momentum and what a challenge it provides for the painter”

“Watercolor painting is unique and unrepeatable, there is no making corrections, adding layer upon layer like you would to an oil painting”

“To say something new and magical about somebody or something – even in art – is only possible if we know it. Thus it is natural that I draw inspiration from my surroundings, for example one of my main characters, ‘Boszi’ (Witch in English) – our black cat”

“The way of watercolor painting – the way I do it – is like our world. The predictable, the plannable and the unpredictable, unexpected happenings make it complete”

“Therefore, I apply watercolor technique in a way that allows paint and water to create miracles on the paper”

Thank you, Endre Penovac, for answering Bored Panda’s questions about your work!