It’s mind-boggling to think that infinity occurs in our universe more often than we might actually notice. The universe itself is infinite, of course, but so are things like numbers and probability and the level of audacity in entitled people.

A woman recently shared a story of how an acquaintance of hers had infinite amounts of entitlement and audacity to not only expect her to let her take over her rental-assisted townhouse home, then threatened her, and then “apologized” only to begin asking to stay with her in her new hours. All of this ping-ponging in a single conversation.

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Entitlement is as infinite as the universe, or so it seems based on a recent story that found its way onto r/EntitledPeople

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A woman shared how her acquaintance had the gall to ask her to let her stay at two of her homes, all the while throwing threats left and right

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You can guess that the woman’s answer to the acquaintance was no, but it was not the easiest no to say given the wild context

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28-year-old Redditor u/Oopsie_Daisey94 recently wrote about a ‘friend’ named Jane she had back in the day who had made quite a few questionable decisions in her life. Said decisions resulted in her being evicted, all the while being a partaker in substances one shalt not name all the while having a family. That in and of itself is not a bad decision, but taking that into consideration, you get how problematic the situation is.

OP had been living in a rental-assisted townhouse apartment, working hard in life, raising a kid all the while being a single mother, all that jazz. She finally got a break and managed to get her own place, which meant thanks for the help, Mr. Government, and she was about to move.

Well, Jane caught a whiff of it and tried to swoop in and get a slice of that. If you can call it that. Essentially, their back and forth happened as follows: Jane asks if she and her family can move into OP’s townhouse apartment as she still has a couple of months left in the contract, OP says no, Jane has a meltdown, threats included, understands that it won’t work, gives a poor apology, then proceeds to ask if she (and her family) could move in with OP… yes, that’s the gist of how wildly it went down.

Well, OP stands her ground and tells her she’ll pass on the kind offer. But the whole thing did irk OP something fierce—enough to post about it on r/EntitledPeople, where the post racked up 5,300 upvotes. And, well, for a community that consumes entitled people stories on the regular, even they found it extraordinarily entitled.

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Many agreed that Jane is not someone OP should be around. Granted, this happened five years ago, and OP has made sure she’s out of her life, folks still made sure that’s communicated well.

Others confirmed that housing assistance is in fact heavily regulated. If OP was to let Jane have her way, this would put OP into a heap of trouble and quite likely compromise all of her chances if she were to ever apply for further assistance.

Yet others shared similar stories, with one person explaining how she had an affair with a guy (affair on his end) without even knowing he actually had a family. This, for some reason, gave him the idea that she should now move out of her own trailer and simply let him and his family live there as they were being evicted from their own home. What kind of Jedi mind trickery is this supposed to be?!

Well, it wouldn’t be right to judge the level of entitlement with these people without also considering what OP said in one of her replies: “[Jane’s] family was extremely poor and her parents were severely uneducated. They would regularly get all of their kids stoned with them from a young age. Super sad. I met them at a very young age when I was hanging around a bad crowd. I was good friends with her brother who was a decent person and when him and his mom were murdered in their home I stepped in and tried to help them get through it together. It’s kind of a wild story but in short, she definitely wasn’t the brightest and I understand why.”

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To put it into even more context, consider this: addiction in many studies is the #1 cause of homelessness. 68% of U.S. cities report this as the main reason. Formerly homeless addicts are likely to be homeless again if their addictions are not dealt with, and there are treatment programs that tackle the root causes of addiction.

Other reasons for homelessness include domestic violence, mental illness and post-traumatic stress, unemployment, and even grief and despair.

It doesn’t help that homelessness is a topic surrounded by many myths that don’t help the cause. Some claim that homelessness can never end, but enough hard work put into one’s personal life can do wonders; “providing food and shelter only enables homeless people to stay homeless” is another common one, but many institutions offer this and more as a means to establish a meaningful connection with the affected people and that allows them to tackle the core cause of homelessness; and, a classic among many is the claim that homeless people are lazy, but life on the streets is anything but lazy, but rather exhausting, which in turn leads to many new factors developing that hinder a person’s climb back to life off the streets.

In other words, it’s never too late to change. It’s also never too late to leave a comment in the comment section with your thoughts and stories pertaining to what you’ve read here today.

Folks were quick to suggest cutting all ties with this ‘friend’, which the Redditor did, but it still had to be said