One of the biggest problems with being vegan or vegetarian seems to be that a lot of people don’t even understand what you do want to eat. This Twitter user named Yazmin recently went to a restaurant for her 18th birthday and was given a single banana slice with a candle on it – a video taken at the table shows her and her family giggling and looking awkwardly at the unusual plate as it’s presented to her.

In response to her thread, vegans shared the most disappointing things they’ve had restaurants try to pass off to them as dessert. Most of them involve fruit and not much else. I mean, fruit is great, but it’s not what we have in mind when we think of an indulgent birthday treat.

The 18-year-old vegan posted about the minimalist dessert plate on Twitter

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Her mom got a video of her reaction

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But her adventures in navigating popular restaurants as a vegan were only beginning

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In response to her viral tweet, the restaurant chain where she had received the now-infamous banana slice sent her some vegan cupcakes and promised to follow up with vegan cheese and chocolate. Sweet gesture, but it kind of makes you wonder why the location where she went for her birthday didn’t do that in the first place!

Here’s the birthday box she received from the restaurant

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Honestly, vegan options should be the lowest bar for having an interesting and varied menu, not a novelty or something you have to go somewhere special to get. People choose not to eat animal products for all sorts of reasons, and most people have somebody in their group of friends who’s vegan or vegetarian even if they’re not themselves. At this point, appealing to people who want vegan products isn’t just polite, it’s common sense for business.

What do vegans actually want for dessert? One commenter responded to the thread with a picture of some vegan cupcakes with enviable glaze and toppings from a local deli, proving that vegan baked goods are becoming more mainstream and leaving out the dairy products doesn’t mean leaving out the fun.

While there was a time when vegan “ice cream” just meant slushy sorbets, the non-dairy ice cream market has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. The most popular plant base for ice cream is coconut milk, due to its sweet flavor and creamy texture, but the options just keep expanding, and popular brands like Ben and Jerry’s keep coming out with extravagant flavors to catch up to their range of dairy ice cream. Also good news if you’re lactose intolerant!

Other vegans responded to the thread with the saddest desserts they’ve encountered

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