There are many reasons why people decide to lead a vegan lifestyle, but according to these meat-eaters, this style of living shouldn’t be adopted because it’s “Cruelty-Free.” They argue that even Cruelty-Free International certified products aren’t entirely innocent if one was to look at the vegan food industry as a whole. The discussion picked up serious heat after some vegans joined it, and it will surely draw you in, as well.

Forced labor, exploitation of workers, hazardous and extreme working conditions, lack of labor rights protecting agricultural workers and extremely low wage are still very common problems in the food supply chains, even the eco-friendly ones. Agriculture is even responsible for 70% of child labor. Since 2012, the amount of kids working in the industry has increased by 10 million, reaching 108 million in total. And what about the Bolivians who can no longer afford their staple grain, quinoa? The dramatic increase in its demand in the Western world made its price triple since 2006.

These were only a few arguments used in the attempt to make people rethink eating vegan. It turns out, however, that many do. According to the findings by faunalytics, 84% of vegetarians/vegans abandon their diet. 34% of lapsed vegetarians/vegans do so in three months or less. Scroll down to read the exchange on this supposedly healthy lifestyle and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Vegan campaigns such as the one below are encouraging people to choose a cruelty free lifestyle

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However, not everyone agrees that being a vegan means being cruelty free

People instantly started sharing their own opinions

And while some were questioning the logic behind some of the arguments

Others agreed completely