This Vanishing Act project is one of my on-going projects depicting my sense of insecurity living in this modern world that perhaps some people can resonate with. I started this project after graduating from my university degree program. I studied abroad and it was tough to find a job, especially during these economically challenging times.

I am still a fresh grad, having recently finished my masters degree, and back in my homeland, it doesn’t seem in anyway easier looking for a job locally. Here it goes again – job insecurity. People get all sorts of insecurities, one of the reasons could be that anyone can be easily replaced, despite some claiming that we are all different, in the real world, where cash is king, people are constantly moving around to replace one another. Honestly, how different are we? How important are we? Regardless of how hard life is, always strive to be different, so let’s get out there and make a change.

Despite insecurities, over the years I have been very lucky to be able to travel around. Some may not relate to my work, but it has given me a sense of fulfilment, and I enjoyed making it.

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Woodland, England


The Louvre, Paris

University farm, England

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Sagrada Família, Barcelona