Unplanned babies can disrupt lives and make people question their existence altogether. What if, however, nobody – even the doctors – even knew a child was on its way? That’s exactly what happened to one guy whose story will knock you out of your shoes.

“It’s apparently more common than people realize,” the 31-year-old wrote. “Basically pregnancy tests are unreliable after a certain stage.” A lot of crazy little details came together to completely ‘hide’ a baby in his girlfriend’s belly even from an ultrasound scan. Naturally, you’re preparing for the due-date throughout the whole 9 months, but when such a heavy load of information and new responsibilities hit, it’s hard to cope. Scroll down to read the incredible story in the words of the father whose life was irreversibly changed overnight, and let us know what you think of this miracle-baby in the comments below.

Even doctors are wrong sometimes, but it’s hard to believe a ‘mistake’ like this actually happened

Looks like Thor isn’t the only child in the family anymore!

Relating to the unbelievable story, people were keen to express their support