Most of us have probably been in these kinds of situations at least once. Let’s be real—probably more than once. We’re talking about those situations back in school or university where you completely forgot to do your homework or missed some kind of deadline, and you tried your best to come up with some kind of convincing story to explain yourself in front of the teacher or professor. There are people who have the talent to come up with truly convincing ones. In the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, some aren’t that lucky and tend to go a bit overboard and their stories end up being something along the lines of “the dog ate my homework.”

But have ever witnessed a teacher or a profession trying to do something like that? If not, you’re about to. Twitter user decentbirthday has recently shared an email her class received from one of their professors explaining why he had to postpone an exam. Turns out, this letter is a true masterpiece.

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Apparently, the professor has been shot, has coronavirus, and is currently in the middle of a messy divorce

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The post went viral on Twitter and currently has over 600k likes, over 100k retweets, and more than 2k comments.

Turns out, there’s even an update to this story. After noticing that the email he sent went viral on Twitter, the professor sent another one.

“Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat”

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Many people were quite confused by this story

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Someone pointed out that the situation is pretty normal for 2020

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Some felt truly sad for the poor professor

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Of course, some started making jokes

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One girl even shared her own letter that she once sent to her work

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And some started pointing out how this email sounds a lot like the excuses teachers get from students

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