Family photo sessions with newborns is an incredible way to capture the very beginning of your child’s journey. And photographer Abbie Rogers has managed to capture it without leaving any details behind.

During the photo shoot, this young fella decided to spice things up a little and took his bathroom break in the middle of the shot. “I have no clue how this happened so perfectly, everything from that arc, aim, reach, the parents reaction, even the shot! This is the only image I got of it and I couldn’t be happier I did,” said the photographer to Bored Panda.

“As long as what happened doesn’t ruin the photo or parents backdrops are soaked, I just dab it up with paper towels and baby wipes and keep the session going” explains Abbie, who deals with situations like this every day: “Accidents like this do happen almost every single session! They typically get it on my posing fabric, props and a lot of the time me,”

Not ready to have a baby just yet? That doesn’t mean you should give up on family photos too. Take a look at this couple’s sensual photo shoot with a burrito.

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