Do you remember the amazing sand drawings by Andres Amador and Jim Denevan? This time, instead of using rakes or driftwood, Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg decided to take it to the next level by using a tractor.

Gunilla attached a special star pattern made of tyre threads to a metal cylinder of the tractor that cleans Laga beach in Spain. Following the lunar and tidal calendar, the pattern is remade again and again at all possible days at low tide. “A Sign in Space” is performed on dates when the tidal calender is synchronized with the the beach cleaners early morning working schedule- the pattern is created on days when the low tide hour fits the labour working hours.

The project is a part of the international contemporary art project, Sense and Sustainability, which takes place from July 21 to September 23, 2012, at the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.