These days, expressing yourself and proudly being who you are is most often celebrated. After all, we all value authenticity and appreciate people who, no matter what others think, stick to their real selves. The social media influencer Lonni Pike, who runs the blog Gray Hair And Tattoos, is precisely that—a stylish, charming woman covered in tattoos who is “loving life over 50 and owning her style.”

While Lonni is on a mission “to explore the world with laughter and a never-ending smile,” she also loves dressing up in cool outfits and her 375.7k TikTok followers are totally loving it. But she’s no stranger to mean comments, either. And after someone wrote her “you’re too old to dress like a teenager,” Lonni replied with a smashing response video on her TikTok.

In honor of “dressing like a teenager,” Lonni pulled off a killer outfit featuring Dr. Martens, cute little jeans, and a tucked-in t-shirt. Lonni’s clip was watched 1.8M times, so let’s see her inspirational message to everyone who has the smallest seed of doubt on what others would think, right below.

People have been praising Lonni after she responded to haters saying she’s too old to dress like a teen with a viral TikTok

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Lonni Pike, a 56-year-old stylish social media influencer, seems to be living a life many people would be jealous of. She has 29K followers on her Instagram page, runs a successful blog, and posts widely popular TikTok clips to her 377.2K followers. She now has amassed 3.6M likes on the platform alone, which seems like she’s a real old-timer there.

But it turns out, Lonni only started her Instagram page this year. “I get a lot of positive response from people appreciating the fact that I’m not afraid to show the world who I am,” she told Viva Fifty.

The first tattoo came into Lonni’s life when she turned 30. “I was in a bad marriage and we were separated for a time. I got barbed wire around my ankle because I felt trapped and helpless. This was the beginning of my journey to let the real me out and be who I wanted to be.”

And for those wondering if her tattoos have affected others’ perceptions of her and had a negative impact on her life and work, Lonni is straightforward. “I have a great job, I carry myself as the professional I am and considered one of the top in my field so no, I don’t think there is anything negatively impacted.”


Always smiling, Lonni became an inspiration to many people who believe life slows down as you get older. She hopes to inspire everyone to be what they want to be, and not care what others have to say. “I would love to show people that you can be yourself without the fear of what people might think. The freedom to let the inner you out for the world to see,” Lonni explains.

The influencer says she never judged people for their lifestyle and would love to help spread the word on acceptance of everyone. And as for critics, they have no place in Lonni’s life. “I don’t give anyone the right to respond negatively to me in any area of my life. My life is my universe and critics are not allowed,” she told Viva Fifty.


Lonni’s happy personality and stylish daily outfits have won many hearts on social media

Image credits: grayhairandtattoos

Image credits: grayhairandtattoos

And many people praised Lonni for being herself and dressing how she wants

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