Most of us are used to children asking those seemingly “dumb” questions. It all starts with those little “why this, why that” questions and for some, it stops as they grow into the life we’re all living and learn to just go with the flow without asking too much. Reality is just how it is. But for others, this world forever stays a place of never-ending unanswered questions, a place of endless wonder and surprise. This person just has to be one of the latter, as the question they asked on Quora is definitely one of those when you think “ah, this is stupid” for the first moment and then start actually wondering. Thank God for those who take their time and effort to solve those mysteries of the world for us, just like someone did in this situation.

Someone decided to go on Quora to solve the mystery of nuclear explosions

And this person actually took their time to provide them with an elaborate and scientific answer

People were both amused and relieved by the explanation