It looks like 2021 is slated to be a far better year than 2020. Especially for fans of the classic Tom and Jerry animations. That’s cuz a brand new movie about the iconic cat and mouse duo is up for release on March 5 of next year, and the trailer for ‘Tom & Jerry’ just dropped!

Now, before you get too excited, we have to warn you that it’s a hybrid live-action and animated movie. And the animation is a tad different. While some people are just going to be glad to get to see the two famous cartoon characters duking it out on screen yet again (e.g. me), others might be a bit put off by the unusual film format. And some fans are already sharing that they’re skeptical if the movie will be of the same quality as the original 1940 animations.

Love it? Loathe it? Is there anything that you’d change? Are you on team Tom or are you a bigger fan of Jerry? Check out the brand spanking new trailer below and share your thoughts about it in the comments, dear Pandas—we can’t wait to hear what you think.

We wanted to get a professional’s take on the new movie, so we reached out to animator Vincent Alexander. “As an animator, I’ve always been a massive Tom & Jerry fan, so I was interested to see the trailer. It struck me as a little soft and safe compared to the hard-edged slapstick of the 40s originals, but they had Tom get electrocuted in there, so that’s a good sign. Either way, it’s hard to recapture the appeal of the lush hand-drawn animation and razor-sharp timing in the classics,” he told Bored Panda.

Feast your eyes on the full trailer right here

For animator Vincent, live-action/animation hybrid films aren’t automatically a bad thing. Some of them, like1988’s ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ can be great.

“In this case, I would hope they keep the focus on Tom & Jerry and don’t spend too much time on the live-action celebrities. There’s a reason we only saw their feet in the cartoons,” he said, adding that he was disappointed that the trailer didn’t include some beloved classic cartoon elements like Tom’s screams, Jerry’s gulps, or “Tom saying in an echoey voice, ‘Don’t you believe it!” Throw the fans a bone!”

According to Vincent, he’s not sure about whether or not the movie release will be delayed by the pandemic or not. “Obviously, I hope conditions are better by then, but who’s to say?”

Tom and Jerry will be battling it out in a fancy New York hotel next year. Hotel employee Chloë Grace Moretz wants to get Jerry out of the molding, so Tom arrives to get the job done the old fashioned way. It’s a battle of wits and guts in this cat vs. mouse gladiatorial match.

What will happen to the tenacious twosome? Will Tom finally best Jerry? Unlikely, we know. But we can’t wait to find out!

And one of the best things about the movie is that it’s planned to be released in cinemas! While that might not sound like a big deal, it really is.

Movie theaters have had a rough year in 2020 because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, with coronavirus vaccines being rolled out, we’ll be able to watch ‘Tom & Jerry’ while sitting on comfy red poofy cinema seats (instead of being sad potatoes on our couches watching Netflix). Let’s hope this one turns out to be just as good as ‘Scoob!’ and the new Spongebob film.

Let’s just hope that the movie doesn’t have Tom’s luck and doesn’t get postponed.

The film is a mix of live-action and animation

The new movie is planned for a spring release in 2021. Hopefully, things will be calm enough for all of us to go see it in movie theaters

Some fans were unsure about the new movie and were a tad skeptical about how good it will be