Common sense seems to be an increasingly rare commodity. You’d think that someone in the responsible position of both parent to a toddler and owner of a dog might possess enough know-how to make basic judgments on how to handle them, wouldn’t you? Luckily, the internet was there to save the day and give this person the basic advice that they so badly needed. (Facebook cover image: shutterstock / 249 Anurak)

Image credits: maiabee (not the actual photo)

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Enthusiastic, loyal and full of unconditional love, they truly are man’s best friend. This Quora user’s pup has to put up with being repeatedly punched by a pesky toddler, and instead of retaliating like many would, gives a warning growl to show its displeasure. 

Now, most people would be thankful for the patience of such a gesture, and kindly teach the bite-sized bully how to respect animals. However, this person couldn’t quite seem to grasp this basic concept and had to be set straight by Australian dog owner Marnie Bell, who stepped in with a characteristically straightforward Aussie response.

Marnie, a former foster carer for a dog rescue group, knows a thing or two about canine behavior. If you are about to introduce a new human into a doggy-dominated family, there are certain things you can do to make it a happy event for people and pups alike. “You can bring some of the baby’s clothes home from the hospital before you bring the baby home, so the dog has a chance to get used to the new family member’s scent,” she suggested to Bored Panda. “Make sure you don’t suddenly change the dogs routine after the baby comes home. Any changes to routine should (ideally) happen slowly in the months leading up to the birth, so the dog doesn’t associate the sudden upheaval in its life with the baby.”

“Also, remember to pay attention to your fur child after your human child comes home. They don’t understand why they’re no longer the center of your world. Be sure to enforce strict boundaries with both pet & child, and enforce them consistently and lovingly. Teach your child to respect your pet and your pet will respect your child.” Simple common sense really!

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