‘Mr. Brightside’ was rock band The Killers first single, released by back in 2004. It has since taken on a life of its own, as a feel-good anthem that many people of a certain generation can joyously sing along to without missing a beat.

It turns out that ‘Mr. Brightside’ works as an anthem for pigeons too. Drawn by artist Christian McGowan, Pigeon Comics came up with its own take on the classic tune, as seen through a pigeons eyes, with hilarious results. It just fits dammit! “Mr. Brightside is my 2nd most popular Pigeon Lyric comic (Under Pressure has the most notes) but it is the 5th one I’ve drawn,” Christian told Bored Panda. “I have a list of potential songs to use for Pigeon Lyrics comics. I try to draw one a month at least. Sometimes I change or add to the order if I think of a better song.”

Was there something about ‘Mr. Brightside’ in particular that resonated with her? “I don’t think I have a truly strong relationship with this song. When I was a teenager, I remember loving The Killers, still do to this day. I knew others shared the same love for the song, but I was amazed by the high amount of notes that shortly followed after posting it.”

Christian’s comics and art are heavily influenced by the animal kingdom, and it’s clear that she has a passion for our furry friends. “I was inspired by the children’s books I used to read,” she told us. “The Busy World of Richard Scarry was the biggest. I loved studying the tiniest details to the bright, vibrant colors. I also love goggly eyes. I thought pigeons bob around so quickly, it’d be funny to imagine their eyes wiggling if they had goggly eyes themselves too.”

“I’ve grown up learning animal facts, trivia, and little known facts. I was fascinated by the pigeon, how most people disregard it as nothing more than a trashy bird with no value, but pigeons actually have a lot to offer. They have an extraordinary history with mankind and a curious social structure.”

With Pigeon Comics an ongoing project, we are wondering what song Christian might tackle next. “This month, I may pick either a love song… or something else? I have been busy drawing comics of my nannying job on my Twitter, so a Pigeon Lyric comic should follow afterwards. I’ve also got bigger projects in the writing process, so we’ll see how that pans out,” she told Bored Panda. Seems there’s plenty to look forward to!

For those of you who love the song, you will not be able to read through the comic without singing along in your head. For those that don’t, this is a perfect excuse to give it a spin, you can find it here. So go on, turn ‘Mr. Brightside’ up loud, scroll down below and sing along with pigeon comics. And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

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