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This Is What Happens When Filmmaker Dates A Photographer-Designer
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This Is What Happens When Filmmaker Dates A Photographer-Designer


Before you start watch photos. Let’s Meet an Armenian Couple.

Independent filmmaker Grigor Poghosyan and photoblogger Mariam Hovhannesyan are travelling and taking everyday urban photos.

Mariam Hovhannesyan is a graphic designer. She loves to make photo projects and videos and write songs.

Grigor Poghosyan is a fiction-documentary filmmaker. He is known by his movie called Where are we going. You can watch trailer here .

Grigor meets Mariam

This is from short movie called Grigor meets Mariam. How they meet and fall in love

One morning in Yerevan

Life with Grigor

So Grigor writing about his new short documentary film

Yerevan’s lines


Yerevan’s trees know about minimalism

One beautiful morning

Yeah, my name is Mariam. And I love to hide my face



“Meet Grigor, so the main hero of my project. Grigor, He is a handsome guy, great director, deep thinker. When you talking with him you feel like you’re traveling in his universe. He is the best listener and the best human that I’ve ever meet in this world.” – Mariam

One morning

Even in the Grigor’s smog you can find his first letter P

Everyday life


Morning starts with one cup of coffee and smoking cigarettes. They light a fire and talking about life.


When you are going out, you need to remember about your keys

Wood composition

Toys are feeling too.


Yeah, they are living, and feeling. I know it’s childish, but maybe, it’s true. They listen us when we talk with them.


Deep deep thinker



Grigor and his friend talking about very serious things

Armenian boy

This is Hovik. He is coming from aparan with hope of better future. He moved to Yerevan for his studies. this image is showing part of his daily life

This is Yerevan

Streets of Yerevan

“So starting our journey in Yerevan, people discussing, but they are standing and I think this is very good composition” – Mariam

Old man


“So we were walking in the streets of Yerevan and the old man happened who was thinking about the young people’s work” – Mariam


So how small people are in this big city


Stairway composition

Little girl

These kids were singing Christmas songs, but one of them has the Christmas light not in her song, she had it inside.

Little boy

A little boy what did you dream about?


I think I don’t need to explain anything. Just look at this girl



“When he is talking the sparks in his eye are so bright and motivational.” – Mariam

Christmas miracles

“This kid was sad and his father was talking with him and in the end they started to hug each other, so this kid was happy and I think that moment was miracle for me and for them” – Mariam

The last one

“So this is we, an armenian couple. We love to travel and take the beauty. Hope you like this photoproject which called life with Grigor.” – Mariam

Goodbye, see you again

Grigor Poghosyan
Instagram: @poghosyan.grig

Mariam Hovhannesian
FB account:
FB page:
Instagram: @muniverse3
Twitter: muniverse3



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