We interview and photograph real people who live in tiny homes, most being less than 200 square feet. That’s smaller than the average master bedroom in the United States – a country where 2,600 square foot homes are commonplace.

These customized handcrafted tiny dwellings grant their owners financial freedom with a minimalist lifestyle and a small footprint. Armed with tiny kitchens, minuscule bathrooms, lofted bedrooms and multi-purpose furniture, tiny houses are redefining the American Dream and questioning what material objects you really need to be happy. You can check our tiny house here.

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Bernadette downsized to a whimsical 172 sq ft tiny home in Maryland

The Pinafore Tiny Home

Lina’s Oregon tiny home is only 100 sq ft

Source: nichedesignbuild.com

Art parks his 117 sq ft tiny home behind his rock climbing gym in Louisiana

Source: tinysiphouse.blogspot.com

Brittany built her charming 130 sq ft tiny home in Washington after seeing small homes overseas

Source: baysidebungalow.com

Vina’s 140 sq ft Califrornia home is completely off-grid

Source: solhausdesign.com

Nomadic John built his house on top of an antique firetruck

Source: instagram

Laura & Matt’s 120 sq ft tiny house sits on a mountain in North Carolina

Source: 120squarefeet.com