We all imagine an asylum as being a dark building, plagued with screams of the mentally ill. This is the image Hollywood has been showing to all of us, but the reality in most of the asylums is not far from it, as sad as it may seems. Of course, there are no screams.
But in Tuscany there is an asylum which could have pass as a luxurious SPA at any time: Villa Sbertoli. When you are training to become a hospital administrator you would never imagine you will be running a building filled with amazing frescoes, as the Villa Sbertoli. How it became an asylum?
Augustine Sbertoli built the villa in the 1800s, but soon after his son became mentally ill, so the house was turned into a hospital for the mentally ill, where all wealthy people could bring their relatives for treatment.
During the WWII the villa was turned into a prison, but after the war ended, it returned to its role as an asylum. However, it was closed in the 1998, by the government. Nowadays, it can be visited, so everyone can admire the architecture and the art. And everyone will want to become a hospital administrator in such an establishment.

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